Might Be A Slow Three Weeks ‘Round Here…

Saturday, July 5th, 2008 | Wine Blogs

Just a little administrative note to let you know that the next three weeks might be quiet ’round these parts. Thursday I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and I’m on a three-week course of strong antibiotics. While neither my doctor nor the information that came with the medication said anything about avoiding alcohol, I have heard various things about mixing alcohol and antibiotics. Some say it reduces their effectiveness. Others say it can cause side effects. And still others say nothing at all happens. Well, I’m just not taking any chances. I was lucky to have caught it quickly and after a few days of feeling probably the most awful in my lifetime, I think I am on the upswing now and want to keep it that way :-)

I’ll try to fill in with any news of interest that comes my way, and I still have two posts in my “wine questions” series left to answer, but obviously I won’t be posting any tasting notes until the 21 days are over. Maybe I can convince Drew to write a post or two while I’m teetotalling ;-)

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