Discover the Finest with a Bourbon Gift Box Subscription: Your Monthly Indulgence

Immerse yourself in the world of fine spirits with a Bourbon Gift Box Subscription, your gateway to a monthly indulgence of curated whiskies. From the comfort of your home, explore a variety of bourbon, whiskey, and other spirit clubs that promise to delight your palate and expand your horizons. Whether you're gifting a connoisseur or treating yourself, each subscription box is an adventure waiting to be uncorked.

Key Takeaways

  • A Bourbon Gift Box Subscription offers a monthly exploration of premium bourbons and whiskies, tailored to enrich the tasting experience.
  • Choose from a range of spirit clubs, including bourbon, whiskey, scotch, tequila, mezcal, rum, and even a bartender subscription for a diverse indulgence.
  • Flexible gift plans, such as 3-month, 6-month, and 'Year of Spirits' 12-month options, make it easy to give the perfect, ongoing gift to a spirit enthusiast.
  • Our subscription service includes quarterly deliveries of rare samples, ensuring a no-strings-attached experience with immediate shipping and no recurring bill.
  • Enhance your tasting skills with blind tastings and gain exclusive access to hard-to-find American whiskies, elevating your whiskey cabinet and knowledge.

Uncork the Fun: A Guide to Our Spirited Clubs

Uncork the Fun: A Guide to Our Spirited Clubs

Bourbon-of-the-Month Clubs: A Monthly Bourbon Subscription

For the aficionado with a penchant for the amber elixir, the Bourbon-of-the-Month Club is the gift that transforms any ordinary day into a high-spirited holiday. Imagine the joy of receiving a hand-selected bottle of bourbon at your doorstep every month, each one a mystery waiting to be uncorked. Bold flavors and smooth finishes are just a subscription away.

Our curated selection ensures that every bottle is a celebration of the finest distilleries and their craft. Here's a taste of what our members relish:

  • A diverse range of bourbon profiles, from spicy to sweet
  • Limited edition releases and exclusive batches
  • Tasting notes and distiller's history for an immersive experience
With a Bourbon-of-the-Month subscription, you're not just gifting bourbon; you're gifting an adventure in taste that keeps on giving.

Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, or just because, our bourbon gift options are tailored to delight the most discerning of palates. Dive into our selection and find the perfect plan to match your favorite bourbon lover's preferences.

Whiskey-of-the-Month Clubs: A Monthly Whiskey Subscription

For those who fancy a dram of distinction, our Whiskey-of-the-Month Clubs are the perfect gift for the aficionado in your life. Imagine the delight of your loved ones as they unbox a new, hand-selected whiskey each month. It's like Christmas, but every 30 days and with a lot more spirit!

Choose from a variety of subscription plans to match the recipient's whiskey journey. Whether they're a budding enthusiast or a seasoned connoisseur, there's a plan that fits just right. Our 3-Month Gift Plans are a splendid starting point, while the 6-Month Gift Plans offer a deeper dive into the world of whiskey.

With each sip, they'll embark on a flavorful adventure, exploring notes and nuances from distilleries far and wide.

And for those who prefer a bit of a rye rebellion, our Rye of The Month Club is a standout choice. Sign up and enjoy a bottle of rye monthly subscription gift delivered directly to your doorstep! It's the gift that keeps on giving, and it's just a click away.

Scotch-of-the-Month Clubs: A Monthly Scotch Subscription

For those who fancy a wee dram of the Scotch spirit, our Scotch-of-the-Month Club is the gift that transforms any ordinary day into a highland fling. Boldly gift a subscription and watch as your beloved whiskey enthusiast uncorks the magic of Scotland's finest, month after month.

  • Monthly Delights: A curated selection of Single Malt and World Whiskies.
  • Taste the Terroir: Explore the diverse regions of Scotland.
  • Collector's Joy: Limited editions and distillery exclusives.
With each sip, they'll embark on a journey through peaty landscapes and honeyed heaths, without ever leaving the comfort of their home.

And for those who seek to broaden their whiskey horizons beyond the Scottish borders, our Whisky-Me Whisky Club offers a monthly dram of incredible Single Malt Scotch or World Whisky, curated from the planet's best distilleries and delivered straight to your door. It's the perfect way to say 'Slàinte mhath!' to the connoisseur in your life.

Gift a Whiskey Wonderland with Our Subscription Plans

Gift a Whiskey Wonderland with Our Subscription Plans

The Gift That Keeps on Giving: Choose Your Duration

When it comes to gifting the whiskey aficionado in your life, nothing says 'I know you're a connoisseur' quite like a subscription to a world of distilled delights. Choose the duration that suits your beloved sipper's journey through the amber waves of grain. Whether they're a budding enthusiast or a seasoned nose, we've got you covered with our tailored gift plans.

  • 3-Month Gift Plans: A trio of months packed with bourbon bliss, perfect for those dipping their toes in the whiskey waters.
  • 6-Month Gift Plans: A half-year of curated casks for the palate that's ready for more.
  • "Year of Spirits" 12-Month Gift Plans: An odyssey of oaky offerings, this is the ultimate gesture for the devotee of the dram.
With each plan, the recipient can uncork a new chapter of bourbon lore, from the 'Buzzard's Roost' to the latest in American Whiskey. No need for a treasure map; the X marks the spot right here with our subscription service.

And let's not forget, each shipment comes with four rare samples, ensuring a surprise in every sip. The gift card flexibility means no recurring bill and immediate shipping, making it a hassle-free present that's sure to impress. So go ahead, gift a piece of the high life and watch their spirits soar!

3-Month Gift Plans: The Perfect Introduction

For those looking to dip their toes into the amber waters of fine spirits, our 3-Month Gift Plans are the perfect introduction. It's like a short and sweet love affair with bourbon, minus the heartbreak. Dazzle your friends or treat yourself to a curated selection of whiskey wonders, without the commitment of a long-term relationship.

  • Month 1: The Welcome Dram - A classic bourbon to start the journey.
  • Month 2: The Plot Twist - A surprise selection to intrigue the palate.
  • Month 3: The Grand Finale - A premium bottle to end on a high note.
With each delivery, you're not just getting a bottle; you're unlocking a story, a taste of history, and a reason to gather.

Our 3-Month Gift Plans are more than just a gift; they're an experience that unfolds with each sip. Choose how often you'd like to receive a new bottle: monthly or bi-monthly. Get unique, fantastic spirits shipped right to your door, and watch your whiskey cabinet transform from mundane to magical.

6-Month Gift Plans: For the Seasoned Sipper

For those who have journeyed beyond the novice stage and developed a refined palate, our 6-Month Gift Plans are the treasure trove of taste they've been yearning for. Dive into a half-year of high-quality hooch, with a curated selection that promises to deepen the appreciation for the spirited arts.

Each month, the lucky recipient will unbox a new chapter in their whiskey narrative, featuring everything from bold bourbons to smooth single malts. It's a gift that transforms any ordinary shelf into a library of liquid gold.

  • Month 1: The Welcome Whiskey - A premium bottle to start the journey
  • Month 2: The Flavor Frontier - Exploring unique profiles
  • Month 3: The Halfway Toast - A celebratory midpoint dram
  • Month 4: The Hidden Gem - A rare find from our exclusive collection
  • Month 5: The Bold Blend - A whiskey with a story
  • Month 6: The Grand Finale - A top-shelf surprise to cap off the adventure
With each delivery, the story of each spirit unfolds, inviting the connoisseur to savor every sip and discover the nuances that make whiskey a timeless indulgence.

How to Indulge: The Ins and Outs of Our Subscription Service

How to Indulge: The Ins and Outs of Our Subscription Service

PICK A SUBSCRIPTION: Top-Shelf Selections Await

For the connoisseur who whispers sweet nothings to their whiskey collection, the perfect gift is but a click away. Choose from a variety of subscription plans that cater to every level of spirit enthusiasm, from the bourbon beginner to the seasoned sipper. Our Bourbon-of-the-Month and Whiskey-of-the-Month clubs are just the tipple to tickle their fancy.

With a subscription, your giftee will embark on a monthly journey of flavor and craftsmanship, receiving a curated selection of the finest bourbons and whiskeys. It's like giving them a backstage pass to the world of distilled delights!

Our gift plans come with no strings attached; there's no need to worry about recurring bills. Here's a quick rundown of the options:

  • 3-Month Gift Plans: A delightful introduction to the world of whiskey, perfect for the curious palate.
  • 6-Month Gift Plans: An immersive experience for those who revel in the amber glow of a good dram.
  • "Year of Spirits" 12-Month Gift Plans: A year-long odyssey through the best bourbons and whiskeys, for the true aficionado.

Each plan includes shipping, ensuring that your thoughtful present arrives with ease and elegance. So why not gift a sip of sophistication today?

SET DELIVERY LOCATION: Curated Comforts to Your Door

When it comes to gifting the whiskey aficionado in your life, nothing says 'I know you're a connoisseur' quite like a subscription box brimming with artisanal spirits. Our service ensures that your gift is not just a bottle, but an experience, delivered straight to their sanctuary. Choose the date, add a personal touch with a special note, and let the indulgence begin.

With a flat shipping rate and immediate dispatch, these treasure troves of American whiskey rarities are just an adult signature away from elevating someone's spirits. And for those who dread the ties of recurring charges, fear not! Our gift options are a one-time affair—no strings, no bills, just pure, unadulterated joy in a box.

Our fulfillment partner, a maestro of logistics, ensures that your gift navigates the complex channels of delivery with the grace of a bourbon barrel floating down the Kentucky River.

Here's a quick peek at what you can expect:

  • $15 Flat Rate Shipping
  • Delivery Frequency: Once
  • No recurring bill, boxes ship immediately
  • Adult signature required (Business Address preferred)
  • Not shipping to: AK, KY, HI, MA, NH, TN

And for the cherry on top, sign up for our newsletter and unlock a 15% discount on your first online order. It's like finding an extra bottle tucked away in the cellar!

ENJOY YOUR NEW DISCOVERIES: Elevate Your Whiskey Cabinet

Once the cork pops and the first sip of amber nectar hits your palate, you'll know the wait was worth it. But why stop at just savoring the spirits? For the whiskey aficionado in your life—or perhaps to treat your own sophisticated taste—consider the gift that transforms a mere collection into a sanctuary of spirits. Our Bourbon Barrel Display Cabinet, an authentic bourbon barrel converted to a display cabinet, is the pièce de résistance for any whiskey cabinet, turning your home into a personal tasting room.

Gift-giving has never been smoother with our curated subscription plans. Whether it's a 3-month teaser or a 6-month journey through the world of whiskey, each box is a treasure trove of distilled delights. And for those who speak 'Bourbones', from 'Angel's Share' to 'Wheater', our 'Year of Spirits' 12-month gift plan is the ultimate indulgence.

Elevate your whiskey experience with a subscription that's more than just a box—it's a passport to the world of fine spirits.

Dive into the depths of distillery craftsmanship with every delivery, and watch as your whiskey wisdom grows with each tasting. It's not just about collecting bottles; it's about curating memories and moments that last long after the last drop.

The Art of the Blind Tasting: Unveil Your Bourbon Bias

The Art of the Blind Tasting: Unveil Your Bourbon Bias

What’s Great About a Blind Tasting?

Blind tastings are the Sherlock Holmes of the whiskey world, unraveling the mysteries of flavor without the bias of brand. Imagine the thrill of discovery as you or your giftee sips through a curated selection, each glass a question mark, each sip a clue. It's a game of taste buds, where preconceived notions are left at the door and the true character of the whiskey shines through.

Gift options for whiskey and bourbon lovers abound, but none quite as intriguing as a blind tasting subscription. Here's why:

  • It's a journey of sensory exploration, where each month is a new chapter in the story of American craft distilleries.
  • The element of surprise keeps the experience fresh and exciting, perfect for those who love a good plot twist.
  • With access to special prices on full bottles, the adventure continues long after the last drop.
In the words of a seasoned sipper, "By trying before buying, I have the most unique whiskey cabinet of anyone I know."

Whether it's a gift for a novice or a nod to the connoisseur, our blind tasting subscription is the gateway to a world of whiskey wonder. Dive into the unknown and let the spirits guide you to your next favorite pour.

Decoding the Bourbon Babble: A Glossary for the Thirsty Novice

Embarking on the bourbon trail, one must first learn to speak the native tongue of this spirited world. The Angel's Share is not a divine dessert, but rather the portion of bourbon that evaporates during aging. It's the heavenly tax for crafting such an earthly delight. Understanding these terms is just the beginning. As you delve deeper, you'll encounter a lexicon as rich as the spirit itself:

  • Mash Bill: The grain recipe of a bourbon.
  • High Rye: Bourbons with a spicier kick.
  • Small Batch: A select blend of bourbons, not defined by size but by taste.
Become a bourbon connoisseur through savoring and exploring flavors, and you'll soon be waxing poetic about your favorite dram with the best of them.

For those looking to gift the bourbon or whiskey lover in their life, the options are as varied and complex as the spirits themselves. From the 'Year of Spirits' 12-Month Gift Plans to the more introductory 3-Month Gift Plans, there's a subscription to suit every palate. And for the seasoned sipper, a 6-Month Gift Plan offers a journey through a landscape of flavors, one month at a time. Each subscription is a treasure trove of curated selections, promising to elevate any whiskey cabinet from the mundane to the magnificent.

Speak Bourbones: From 'Angel's Share' to 'Wheater'

In the lexicon of bourbon lovers, terms like Wheater and 'Angel's Share' are more than just jargon; they're signposts on the road to whiskey enlightenment. Gift-giving for the bourbon enthusiast is an art form in itself, with options as varied as the expressions of bourbon. Whether it's a 3-month teaser or a year-long odyssey of taste, there's a subscription plan tailored to every level of aficionado.

The art of sipping bourbon with respect and pairing it with food for a delightful culinary experience is akin to a dance where each flavor step is choreographed with precision.

For those looking to treat a special someone (or themselves) to the finest in bourbon indulgence, consider the following:

  • The Gift That Keeps on Giving: A subscription that unfolds like a serialized novel, each month delivering a new chapter in the saga of sips.
  • 3-Month Gift Plans: The perfect introduction for the budding bourbonista, offering a taste of the high life without the long-term commitment.
  • 6-Month Gift Plans: For the seasoned sipper, a journey through the nuanced landscape of American whiskey.
  • "Year of Spirits" 12-Month Gift Plans: An epicurean expedition, granting the recipient a passport to a year of discovery and delight.

Seize the Spirit: Exclusive Access and No Strings Attached

Seize the Spirit: Exclusive Access and No Strings Attached


For the aficionado who revels in the uncommon, Blind Barrels is the treasure map to America's whiskey wonders. With the nation riding the crest of its 2nd whiskey boom, our subscription is a golden ticket to those elusive distilleries where the farmer distilling the grain might also be the one lovingly labeling each bottle. These are the spirits that don't grace the shelves of your local liquor store.

Gift-giving just got a whole lot more spirited! Our whiskey subscriptions are the perfect present for those looking to impress the bourbon buff in their life. Imagine the joy as they unbox a curated selection of craft whiskies, each a chapter in the grand American whiskey narrative.

Every quarter, subscribers are treated to a quartet of unique, hard-to-find American whiskey samples. It's a journey of taste, guided by our spirits expert, that educates and delights.

Here's what enthusiasts are saying:

  • "Blind Barrels is creative, clever, and professional." - Bourbon Banter
  • "A fun and creative way to explore craft distilleries that may otherwise go unnoticed" - The Whiskey Wash

Join the club where discovery is just a sip away, and your whiskey journey promises to be as unique as the bottles you'll collect.

QUARTERLY SUBSCRIPTION: Four Rare Samples Per Shipment

For those who fancy a dram of the elusive and exceptional, our Quarterly Subscription is the golden ticket. Every three months, like clockwork, a treasure trove of whiskey wonders arrives at your doorstep. Imagine the delight of a bourbon buff unwrapping a box of four rare samples, each a 50 ml gateway to American whiskey nirvana.

With the ease of a single purchase, your gift card bestows a year's worth of sipping splendor. No recurring bills, no fuss - just pure, distilled joy.

Our subscribers are in for a treat, as each shipment is not just a tasting, but an education. The included 'spirits guide' ensures that every sip is a step further on the path to whiskey wisdom. And when the time is right, the grand reveal of each spirit's story adds a dash of drama to the experience.

Here's a peek at what the lucky recipient can expect with each quarterly indulgence:

  • A handpicked selection of four 50 ml samples of hard-to-find American whiskey
  • A comprehensive tasting experience led by a knowledgeable guide
  • Detailed revelations of each whiskey's profile and provenance
  • All shipping costs included, ensuring a hassle-free gift-giving process

At a price of $74.99, including shipping, this subscription is a steal for the caliber of joy it delivers. Ready to gift a sip of the sublime? Give A Gift Now.

For the true aficionado, consider the Annual Subscription. Four quarterly deliveries prepaid, promising a year of discovery for $249.99 - shipping included. Gift Card.

Gift Card Flexibility: No Recurring Bill, Immediate Shipping

In the world of whiskey gifting, nothing says 'I know you're a connoisseur' quite like a Bourbon Gift Box Subscription. But let's face it, not everyone wants to commit to a long-term relationship with a subscription service. That's where our One-Off Sample Box comes into play. These boxes ship immediately, so your gift doesn't dawdle. And with a $15 flat rate shipping, it's a steal that won't leave you barrel-aged in debt.

For those who prefer a touch of elegance, our Quarterly Subscription gift card is the golden ticket. It includes four rare samples per shipment, and the best part? It doesn't automatically renew. So, you can give a gift that's as free-spirited as the whiskey within. And if you're feeling particularly generous, the Annual Subscription is a year-long parade of premium pours, with the shipping cost included in the upfront price.

Choose the date the recipient receives the gift and add a personal note to make it extra special.

Here's a quick rundown of our gift card options:

  • One-Off Sample Box: Immediate indulgence with no strings attached.
  • Quarterly Subscription: A seasonal surprise of four rare samples.
  • Annual Subscription: A full year of curated whiskey wonders.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to indulge in the finest spirits with our exclusive clubs. Whether you're a connoisseur of Bourbon, Whiskey, Scotch, Tequila, Mezcal, or Rum, we have a subscription that will tantalize your taste buds. April may be sold out, but May deliveries are on the horizon. Secure your subscription now and join a community of enthusiasts who enjoy premium spirits without any hassle. Visit our website and seize the spirit of adventure with each meticulously curated bottle. Your journey through exceptional flavors awaits at

The Last Drop: Why You Should Subscribe to a Bourbon Gift Box Today

In the grand symphony of spirits, bourbon plays the first chair with a boldness that commands attention. As we've sipped our way through the nuances of monthly indulgence, let's not forget that life is too short for mediocre drinks. A bourbon gift box subscription is not just a monthly treat; it's a journey of flavor, a masterclass in sophistication, and a testament to the art of sipping. Whether you're a 'wheater' aficionado or an 'angel's share' chaser, these curated boxes are your ticket to becoming a bona fide bourbonese speaker. So, raise your glasses to the gift that keeps on giving and let's toast to the ultimate indulgence that doesn't require a tuxedo but might just make you feel like you're wearing one. Subscribe now, and who knows? Your next favorite bourbon might just be a doorstep away. Remember, in the world of fine spirits, the best stories are found within the bottle – and the best bottles are found with a subscription!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of subscriptions are available?

We offer a variety of subscriptions including Bourbon, Whiskey, Scotch, Tequila, Mezcal, Rum, and a Bartender Subscription. Each club provides a monthly subscription to explore different spirits.

What does the 'Gift That Keeps on Giving' plan include?

This plan allows you to gift a subscription that lasts for a chosen duration, such as 3 months, 6 months, or a 'Year of Spirits' 12-month gift plan. It's a thoughtful way to provide a recurring surprise of fine spirits to a loved one.

How does the subscription service work?

First, pick a subscription to sign up for yourself or gift to someone. Then, set the delivery location, and curated samples will be shipped right to the recipient's door every quarter. Enjoy discovering new favorites to add to your whiskey cabinet.

What is included in a Quarterly Subscription?

The Quarterly Subscription includes four rare samples per shipment, delivered once every quarter. It's an excellent way to taste hard-to-find or exclusive American whiskey.

Are there any shipping restrictions?

Yes, due to various state regulations, our fulfillment partner does not ship to AK, KY, HI, MA, NH, and TN. Additionally, an adult signature is required at delivery, and a business address is preferred.

What are the benefits of a blind tasting?

A blind tasting allows you to uncover your true tastes without bias and can be a fun and unique way to experience and evaluate whiskey. It helps in identifying the ideal bourbon for your palate.