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The Half-Year Highland Fling: A 6-Month Scotch Extravaganza!

Introducing our 6-month Scotch gift package - a whirlwind romance with Scotland's finest drams, delivered directly to your lucky recipient's doorstep. It's like sending them on a mini-great adventure through the rolling hills and mysterious lochs of Scotch, but with half the commitment of our year-long Scotch journey. Perfect for those who want to dip their toes in the peaty waters without diving headfirst!

The 'Wee Nip' Intro Level

Ideal for the Scotch-curious, our 'Wee Nip' Intro level is like a friendly handshake with the world of Scotch. Each month, a new, approachable bottle arrives, complete with straightforward tasting notes and beginner-friendly cocktail recipes. Think of it as the charming Scottish cousin who's always up for a good yarn and a gentle introduction to the world of whisky.

The 'Bold Explorer' Mid-Tier Level

For the more daring dram drinkers, our 'Bold Explorer' level is where things start to get exciting. These mid-tier Scotch selections are like hidden gems tucked away in the Scottish wilderness, waiting to be discovered. They're complex enough to intrigue but still approachable enough to enjoy without a PhD in whisky.

The 'Highland Hero' Enthusiast Level

And for the true Scotch aficionados, our 'Highland Hero' Enthusiast level is the stuff of legends. Here, top-shelf, rare Scotches take center stage, each bottle a celebration of the finest craftsmanship Scotland has to offer. It's like being given a key to a secret whisky library hidden in a castle turret.

Each level of our 6-month Scotch package is a journey in itself, complete with rich tasting notes and adventurous cocktail suggestions. It's the perfect gift for those looking to savor the Scotch experience in a more concise format.

So why wait? Gift a 6-month Highland Fling and watch as your recipient becomes a bonafide Scotch aficionado, one delightful dram at a time. Cheers to half a year of Highland hospitality!

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Dave Mire

Love the selection. Always exposes me to something new that I might never tried with out Pour More. Great investment!

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