PourMore Club Reviews

I have had great experiences with Pourmore. I purchased a year subscription to Whiskey for my husband's 50th. Only to find out early on he really wants Bourbon (I had no idea there is a difference!) and Pourmore was extremely accommodating in switching his subscription. The timeliness of communications has always been amazing. The product was great, variety of distillers - it's given him and his buddies something to do on the weekends.

Bridgett Petzoldt, TrustPilot

A definite ‘must try’! It opened my taste buds up to bourbons I probably would have never had the opportunity to sample. It was great receiving a new bottle each month!

MPOE, TrustPilot

This is by far the best monthly club that I have ever enjoyed. They hold true to their statement of premium products. I have even contemplated doing one of the other premium monthlies on her but I keep talking myself out of it, I am sure it will happen soon. I have a great Bourbon collection and this just enhances it every month. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a nice drink and if you live in state that allows it.

Scott Chun, TrustPilot

bourbon-of-the-month club

Scotch is a type of whisky that is made in Scotland. It is made from barley, water, and yeast, and typically aged in oak barrels for at least three years. There are several different regions in Scotland that produce scotch, each with its own distinct style and flavor profile. The most well-known regions are Islay, known for its smoky and peaty whiskies, and Speyside, known for its rich and fruity whiskies.

Each month, you'll get to try a different type of scotch, from smoky and peaty Islay whiskies to rich and fruity Speyside whiskies. You'll also
learn about the unique flavors and aromas of each scotch, and how to best enjoy them. Overall, scotch is a flavorful and distinct spirit with a rich history and tradition. It is a beloved drink that is enjoyed by whisky aficionados and cocktail enthusiasts alike.

Our tasting notes will provide you with all the information you need to fully appreciate the nuances of each scotch, from the type of barley used to the aging process and the specific flavors and aromas to expect. And with the included cocktail recipe, you'll be able to enjoy your scotch in the most delicious and creative ways possible.