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Tequila 12 Bottle Subscription

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Do you have a passion for tequila?Do you want to learn more about the fascinating culture and history of this Mexican spirit? If so, then you need our tequila-of-the-month club, the perfect way to treat yourself or a friend.

Every month, you will receive a new bottle of tequila,selected by our experts from the most authentic and reputable producers in Mexico. You will get to experience different categories, regions, and ages of tequila, from the fresh and fruity to the rich and complex.You will also get an info packet with each bottle, including tasting notes, custom cocktail recipes, and other insights on how to appreciate your tequila like a true enthusiast.

With our 12-month prepaid plan, you will pay one subscription fee and get a year’s worth of tequila delivered to your door. No hassle, no worries, just pure tequila pleasure.

Whether you are a beginner or a expert, our tequila-of-the-month club will educate your palate and expand your knowledge. Order today and get ready for a adventure of flavor and fun. Cheers! 🍸

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