Cocktail Artist Q&A: Shaker & Twist

#CocktailArtists Series: Shaker & Twist

Shaker & Twist is a cocktail-focused Instagram profile that celebrates the art of mixology and the joy of raising a glass with friends. Her feed is filled with stunning photos of beautifully crafted cocktails, as well as recipes and tips to help you up your bartending game at home. So grab your shaker and get ready to twist and turn those ingredients into delicious drinks – cheers!

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Instagram: @shaker_and_twist
TikTok: @shakerandtwist

1- We found you by looking for the best looking cocktails online - what's your secret to making that social-perfect cocktail pic?

Cocktail Artist - Shaker and Twist

First off, thank you so much for considering my art to be worthy of a spot in your 'best looking cocktails online' category. I'm truly thankful that you appreciate my work.

If there was a secret to making the social-perfect cocktail pic I'd love to be made aware! In my opinion it takes time, practice, a lot of patience and mostly luck. It took me a full year of experimenting with cocktail recipes, garnishes, lighting and cameras before I could confidently say that I had found my groove.

It was only after I've embraced my style and was able to showcase it confidently that my pictures started getting greater positive attention online. I think details can go a long way like unique glassware, fresh garnishes and clear ice.

2- What's your go-to spirit? are you neat, rocks or cocktail drinker?

I have to say that I'm hands down a tequila drinker. I love sipping on a good tequila neat. There's just nothing like it.

3- What's the most unusual cocktail request you've ever received?

I wish I had a great/hilarious answer for you but believe it or not, I've never worked in the cocktail industry nor do I think I would be cut out to survive even one shift behind a bar. I mostly shake it up for my husband and he isn't picky, he'll drink pretty much whatever I make him.

4- What's the most impressive cocktail-making trick you can do?

I once made a cool looking syrup rim that looked like tear drops that were defying gravity. I called it The Reversed Tear Drop. It's still today one of my favorites creations.

I later tried the same trick with marshmallows. Although it did look kinda neat, it wasn't as pretty as the clear syrup drops.

5- What are some ways to experiment and come up with original cocktail recipes?

I usually like to start with a classic recipe and try to add my personal touch to it. For exemple, infusing campari with my favorite fruit before stiring a classic Negroni or making a spiced agave syrup from scratch for a unique Margarita. There's literally endless possibilities when playing around with fresh fruits, herbes and spices.